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This website is the latest incarnation of a string of otaku-themed blogs stretching over the last six years. I am the administrator and writer, iklone, and I post about otaku media.

This site was developed in 2020 and is meant to look like this. It is the fifth anime website I've run, the older (extant) sites are archived here if you want to look around.

I post about a range of topics, primarily anime commentary and analysis (lol). I also post thoughts on otaku culture and anime-adjacent media. My favourite period of anime is around 1995 to 2005.

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      The Maid Database

      I've built an SQL DB to host a list of maids. It's a work in progress but I'll be updating it continuously with new maids. The aim is to build the definitive list of maids on the internet.

      The link is embedded at the top of this site, and you can also view it by clicking here.
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      The Autumn 2020 season:




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